blog contribution: coping in the hyperindustrial university: politics & pedagogy

I have just had a blog post published as the second part of a ten part series organised by the BISA Postgraduate Network devoted to thinking about what it means to teach as a PhD student in the contemporary university, the challenges involved, as well as the transition to post-PhD life wherein teaching experience is so often a crucial factor in securing employment (casual or non-casual). You can check out the first post, which focuses on the BISA PGN Teaching Prize, here. My contribution, which focuses on the political aspect of pedagogy in the contemporary university, can be accessed here. Future contributions will be added in the weeks to come. Thanks go to Tom Watts and Camille Merden for organising, commissioning, and editing this interesting series of contributions which, I think, are necessary and timely insights into the different ways different PhD students deal with the demands of the hyperindustrial university.