publication (article): stupidity and study in the contemporary university

I have just had an article published in the new edition of La Deleuziana, entitled 'Stupidity and Study in the Contemporary University.'

In the paper, I consider the concepts of "stupidity" (with Deleuze and Stiegler) and "study" (with Harney and Moten) in relation to the contemporary university. I argue that the university functions within, and perpetuates, systemic stupidity through corporatised management structures and regimes of governance of research and teaching. Further, I consider some projects of study which might be developed in the university-to-come in order to escape such systemic stupidity. 

The full reference is as-follows:

Heaney, Conor 'Stupidity and Study in the Contemporary University', La Deleuziana, 5, 2017, 5-31

You can download the paper from the journal's website (by clicking the page numbers beside the article title), as well as access the other articles this issue here. Or by clicking here.