All photos on this website are by the excellent Aoife Mulvenna. Check out her tumblr.


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I am a PhD candidate in Social & Political Thought at the University of Kent, Canterbury, where I hold a Kent 50th Anniversary Scholarship (2015-2018). My research occurs somewhere between an analysis of the mindscape or mental ecology of contemporary capitalism, the notion of revolution, and the work of Félix Guattari.

I also (try to) research and maintain an interest in the following areas:

  • Gilles Deleuze (ontology, ethics); Félix Guattari (ecology, schizoanalytics, molecular revolution); Bernard Stiegler (organology, memory studies)

  • Critical and experimental pedagogy (Paulo Freire, bell hooks, etc.)

  • Foucauldian analytics

  • Aesthetics, popular culture, and the transformative social potential of cultural participation, communication, and production

  • Normative political theory, critical international relations theory, critical security studies

  • Feminism 

I received an MPhil in Philosophy from the University of Warwick - where I specialised in political philosophy, 20th century Continental philosophy, and the phenomenological tradition - and where I held an AHRC Research Masters Preparation Scholarship (2013-2015). My thesis was supervised by Professor Keith Ansell-Pearson and was titled An Empiricist Mode of Existence: Deleuze, the 'New Materialisms', & an Art of Organising Encounters. Prior to this, I received a BA in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Queen's University Belfast (2010-2013).

I do Outreach work related to Political Theory and teach on undergraduate political theory modules. I am also a member of the European International Studies Association (EISA) and the International Studies Association (ISA).