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I am currently a Lecturer in Liberal Arts & Politics Education in the Liberal Arts Department at King’s College London (as of Jan 2019). I convene and teach on “Politics in Theory and Practice” (within the Department of Political Economy), convene the second year Liberal Arts core module “Space, Power, Agency”, and lecture/take seminars for the third year core module “Translation Across Disciplines.” I am also the Major Advisor for the Politics pathway.

I completed my PhD in Social & Political Thought at the University of Kent, Canterbury, where I held a Kent 50th Anniversary Scholarship (2015-2018). My thesis was entitle Rhythmic Ecology: Mindscaping the Rhythms of Everyday Life, and was supervised by Dr Iain MacKenzie and Dr Charles Devellennes. I submitted my thesis in September 2018 and am passed my viva with no corrections on 1st March 2019, graduating in July 2019. During my time as both a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Assistant Lecturer at the University of Kent (Sept 2018 - Dec 2018), I taught on modules in political thought across all levels (“Introduction to Political Thought” and “Modern Political Thought). I also gave lectures for the Liberal Arts program on Neoliberalism (for the module “Understanding the Contemporary”) and The Postmodern and the Postindustrial (for the module “Roots of Transformation”).

My PhD was conducted as an experiment in formulating a new methodological approach to rhythmanalysis as a way to articulate responses to ontological, methodological, and epistemological questions in a process-oriented fashion, but in a manner with direct relevance with how we might conceive of new experimental forms of politics that do not seek closure and finalism, but rather seek to remain constitutively open. This PhD is also intended as a contribution to re-engaging with Félix Guattari’s later work, particularly The Three Ecologies and Chaosmosis: An Ethico-Aesthetic Paradigm, in order to think about what a contemporary “ecosophical” approach attuned to the challenges of contemporary digital technologies approach might look like. One of the central thematics of the thesis was the relationship between contemporary capitalism and mental health - the mental environment or mental ecology - as well as the question of how it might be transformed.

I also (try to) research and maintain an interest in the following areas:

  • French theory and Continental Philosophy (e.g. Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari, and Stiegler)

  • Philosophy of technology (Mumford, Simondon, Stiegler, Hui)

  • Process philosophy (esp. rhythmanalysis)

  • Political theory (esp. theories and practices of radical and experimental politics and political economy (resistance, revolution, etc.))

  • Critical university studies and experimental pedagogy

  • Critical and experimental pedagogy (Paulo Freire, bell hooks, etc.), and critical university studies

  • Aesthetics, popular culture, and the transformative social potential of cultural participation, communication, and production

I received an MPhil in Philosophy from the University of Warwick - where I specialised in political philosophy, 20th century Continental philosophy, and the phenomenological tradition - and where I held an AHRC Research Masters Preparation Scholarship (2013-2015). My thesis was supervised by Professor Keith Ansell-Pearson and was titled An Empiricist Mode of Existence: Deleuze, the 'New Materialisms', & an Art of Organising Encounters. Prior to this, I received a BA in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Queen's University Belfast (2010-2013).